Monday, April 12, 2010

Year 2 Week #8 Struggle - Comic Book

The corresponding project from for this week from last year is too dorky and unfeasible for me to even approach right now. I mean I still think it's a pretty good idea but I don't think I'll be writing for Marvel any time soon.

So instead I'm going to post the "pitch" for a comic I've been working on as an editor with James Call. It's story of politics and intrigue in an afterworld peopled by famous movers and shakers from all through history.

Here's James' pitch:

Struggle [working title] is the story of politicing, deal-making, war, business, espionage, and ideological battles, in the afterlife. Set at first in the Sixth Circle of Hell, where heretics go,Struggle begins as three great departed figures of history - President Lyndon Baines Johnson, Huey "the Kingfish" Long of Louisiana, and Julian, apostate Emperor of Rome - rëenter political life in the land of the dead. These figures may not have eternal rest, but they have all the wiles and saavy that they did while alive, not to mention the same impulses that drove them - both the noble and the impure.
Witness the fiery dueling campaigns of the Kingfish and a certain frustrated painter from Munich as they compete for the Governorship of the Sixth Circle! Watch LBJ give "the treatment" to every last legislator in who stands in his way to bring civil rights to the despised Bashanites! See oil reporter Wanda Jablonsky have cocktails with the Mongols and survive! WAR! DEAL-MAKING! SCANDAL! This one has it all, folks!


  1. love it - but DAMN - LBJ's in HELL?!

    Shit is rough.

  2. There are a lot of good people in Hell and a lot of bad people in Heaven. Can't talk too much about it but there's a certain internal consistency to where people end up. Let's just say a LOT of people, of various inclinations, will be displeased by where certain people have ended up, but they haven't gone there because they're bad people per se. The afterlife is not entirely just. That's all that can be said about it for now...

  3. this is a hella good idea. And D: you could probably get independant studies credits for writing this thing every week.