Monday, February 15, 2010

Year 2 Week #1 Cultures of Wonder

This is the single project I have, by far, done the most work on over the past year. Since last year, when I posted my first post to this blog, I’ve collected a great group of artists who’ve helped me develop a fully fleshed out brand new ancient culture:

The Thulans.

We know where these people live, what they believed and how they interacted with the world.

Here’s a wiki showing a lot of the work we’ve done:

We’ve also started talking about how to present the first exhibit. We’ve drawn up an initial blue print of what it will look like. We’ve also started developing some stories about how we got all these artifacts and why a exhibit on the Thulans is important at this time.

We’re going to have a small preview of the exhibit at the Science Fair in April.

It looks like the big final show will be at Lobot sometime in October or September.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Week #52 A New Approach to this Blog - Blog

This entry marks my 52nd (mostly) weekly post to this blog.

For over a year I’ve posted a new idea for a project (almost) every week. It’s really helped me to get this stuff out of my head. Some projects have really taken off. Others never made it much farther than this blog.

Now that I’ve reached my goal of doing 52 posts I’m going to change my format slightly. For the next year I’m going to go back over my posts and try and spend some time each week working on one of the projects then, every monday, post my progress to this blog.

I’ll follow the same order as I originally posted them. For instance next week (Year 2: week #1) I’ll post my progress on this blog's first post “Cultures of Wonder” the next week I’ll work on the second one “The Missing Person” and so on.

Some, like Cultures of Wonder, I’ve done tons of work on and I’ll just find a way to present that progress. Others, I haven’t even thought about since I posted them, for those I’ll sped an hour or two working on them then post what I’ve. Then there are those that won’t fit into this new approach; the events (mostly sleepwalkers plays) that look place and I’m necessarily done with. For those weeks I’ll go back to the old format and post a new project.

In honor of this new approach I will also change the name of the blog. From now on it will be known as “The Project Project”.