Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week #26 Written on the Bathroom Wall - Blog

I don’t know how to drive. I never learned. Because of this I spend a lot of time walking around and sitting in coffee shops. I also spend a lot time in bars but that has nothing to do with driving or not driving.

During my adventures in the outside world I end up visiting a lot of public restrooms. And one thing almost all public restrooms have is graffiti.

Pope John Paul II (The good pope) once refereed to graffiti as “the soul crying out against indifference”. I’ve always loved this quote but really if all you have to “cry out” is “Rakkyr2” or “Suck a dick” then maybe you deserve to a little indifference.

Still, out of all the graffiti I see, at least once a week I see something truly amazing like the this:

Inspired by my girlfriend Kirstin’s blog and my new digital camera I’ve decided to start a new blog where I post something I’ve seen on a bathroom wall once a week. I’m working on a backlog right now so I won’t end up in a situation where I’m searching public restrooms for graffiti. I’m also working on figuring out how to get my photos off my camera. I’ll probably start this thing in a month or so.

I’ll let you all know.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Week #25 (Now with Pictures!) The James Project

I’ve known James Call for a good deal of my life. I met him in high school. I’ve lived with him for four years in Queens. I’ve traveled with him to China. I’ve spent way too much time talking about comic books with him.

Seeing James perform recently in New York I was struck as I usually am by what a truly unique creature he is. It reminded me of a project I’ve wanted to do since my last days living with him.

James creates endless amounts of things. Music, drawings, writing, scraps of paper with strange notes on them. He once made a large flow chart of all the ways he knows his friends. He’s also responsible for shit like the map below.

What I want to do is take all the stuff James has created in his entire life and, in the tradition of a few of my recent projects, invent an entire history as if we didn’t know James. Like an anthropological study of who we think this person is based entirely on all the object and documents we found in his room.

Or alternatively and even better we can give all his creations to someone who truly doesn’t know him and have them come up with a biography for him. We should be able to find someone I mean isn’t that what the internet is for?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Week #24 The Mishap Movie - Film

Having recently watched Rock & Roll High School again I got inspired to make a rock & roll movie. Films like Help, The Girl Can’t Help it, Tougher than Leather even Spice World have alway held a special place in my heart. Movies with flimsy plots and often just as flimsy acting. Films set up to highlight the music of whatever artist or artists it was made for. Movies that, although not the best craft wise, are always fun to watch because you can see the people making them are having so much fun.

I want to make one of these for Mishap Productions. My only real concrete idea of what I want it to be is that I’d like to have all the people even vaguely connected to Mishap both play a role and perform in some way.

A couple of ideas I came up with while talking to James Call about it over the past few days:

A classic film noir where all the Gomorran’s play gangsters and the Missing Teens play cops

A gangster story about a power struggle due to the death of the mob boss “God”

Shooting on both coasts but presenting them as one city so characters would get in the subway in NYC and get out in San Francisco.

Stealing overdramatic lines from other films to insert in at inappropriate times.

Most of these where just stuff we came up with while bullshitting. I’d really like to make one of these movies some time. We wouldn’t have to come up with much of a script just some basic ideas then start shooting. I have a camera. What I really need is a very patient editor.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week #23 New York Food Blog - Blog

Starting today I’ll be in New York City for the next two weeks. I’m subletting a place in Williamsburg with my girlfriend Kirstin of little art project blog.

The four years I spent living in New York city where the years my love and fascination with food grew the most. This fact combined with the fact combined with the fact I’ve always wanted to become a better food writer lead to this weeks project.

For the next two weeks me and Kirstin will each post a daily review of the food we ate that day to our new blog “the eating project”. I hope to cover everything we eat from our dinner at Nobu we already have reservations for to the trip I plan on taking to my favorite souvlaki stand in Queens.

With any luck it should be interesting to see our different perspectives on our shared experiences. At the very least me and Kirstin will become better food writers and you readers will have some great recommendations and some vicarious food thrills.

Check it out here: