Thursday, April 2, 2009

Week #11 Sleepwalkers Theatre Depression Party

This weeks project is something already in the works but still something I need plenty of help with.

This is a Depression themed party being thrown as a benefit for my theatre company Sleepwalkers Theatre. It’s going to be going to be held on April 18th at Lobot Gallery in Oakland. We’re having some homemade beer, moonshine made on the premises, a whole bunch of art sold all for under $20 and some depression bands (Hopefully the Gomorran’s will play at midnight). As well as a few performances by the company

What I need now is a couple more bands, I’ve got a few leads but nothing nailed down. As much art as possible (It would be great if people could donate it). And more than anything I just need people to spread the word and get people out there. It should be a pretty awesome party with everything we’ve got going.

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